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About Kristi Griffith


Kristi's career in graphic design began in her sophomore year of college. She landed a job in the marketing department at Western Illinois University's rec center, creating publicity for the many programs and events they had to offer. Upon graduating with a degree in graphic design and advertising , she became the sole graphic designer for a well-known pre-press agency in Springfield, Illinois. It was here that she learned more about the printing industry and how to properly create files for printing. Upon moving to the St. Louis area, she designed direct mail for two years and then served as graphics and communications director for a large church in the St. Louis area for eight years. During this time, she remembers one person looking around at the signage and print materials in the lobby and commenting, "Your thumbprint is everywhere in this place!" 


In 2013, Thumbprint Creative took off – making smaller thumbprints at organizations all over the country! 

Kristi lives in the St. Louis area with her husband, 16-year-old son, and the goodest boy ever, a golden retriever named Cody.

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